Preventive Measures for Seafood Allergy

seafood allergies

Like the dreaded peanut allergy, this type of allergy stays with you for life.  Seafood allergies tend to get severe or worst as time goes by. Getting yourself thoroughly informed regarding this type of allergy, what food or food by products to avoid, and by knowing the appropriate treatment to address your symptoms is still […]

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5 Root Canal Recovery Tips

Root Canal Recovery Tips

If you’ve had a root canal, or will be having one soon, you’re likely a bit nervous about how you’ll be feeling during and afterwards. There’s nothing fun about this process, and there’s no way of getting around the fact that your mouth is going to feel very weird for a few days. But no […]

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Hysterectomy: Procedure and Recovery Time Facts


A hysterectomy is a serious but sometimes necessary event in a woman’s life. Whether due to a persistent, painful but otherwise benign condition like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), or something as serious as cancer, a partial or full hysterectomy affects not only a woman’s ability to bear children, but can induce premature menopause and often […]

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Different Types of Anesthesia Explained

Types of Anesthesia Explained

The word anesthesia translates quite simply to lack of sensation. And, in essence, that is exactly what it does. It numbs the body in order for painful surgical procedures to occur without the patient feeling immense pain. It can be a little confusing when trying to understand all the medical terminology relating to all the […]

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