10 Keys to lose weight

Losing weight is not a sprint, but a career background in which it is easy to fall into behaviors and errors that take us away from the finish. No diet or magic formulas to ensure we reach our goal. Instead, the key to losing weight in a healthy way is consistency, follow clear guidelines and not fall into the common mistakes.

lose weightHow to Lose Weight

As we know that is not a simple task, we helped with a number of onsejos c that will help you in your weight loss diet and lose weight healthily.

– There are no products “fat-burning”

All these products are sold under the label “fat-burning” are useless by themselves, but must be supplements in diets low in calories. Hence it is essential to consult a specialist to design us a good diet and personalized.

– Eat five times a day

Whenever you take a balanced, varied and sufficient diet, eat five times a day will help you lose weight. A slimline or slimming food alone, but the diet is followed as usual.

– Breakfast is key

After many hours fasting, breakfast is key to start the day buzzing with energy. Many people think that skipping a meal, will lose weight faster, but nothing is further from reality, since in that case the body will store energy for later use.

– Two dishes at lunch and dinner

Yes, it is important to reduce the quantities of each dish and even leave a little but always trying to take both. In order to be, it is preferable that the former is made with vegetables, brown rice, pasta or potatoes, while the second one can opt for meat or grilled fish.

– Do not skip dinner

As about breakfast, nor should dispense with dinner, otherwise we will be leaving the body without receiving the nutrients needed for good performance for many hours. It is preferable to opt for salads, fish and vegetables for dinner. Better to let the usual yogurt and fruit for snack.

– Do not remove carbohydrates

Many people eliminate carbohydrates from your diet when they try to lose weight, which is a mistake, because they are very important for our body. Yes, it is more advisable to choose whole grain varieties.

– Fats quality

Fats should be limited, but taken should be of quality, as it brings olive oil. Just do not be exceed two or three tablespoons daily spoons.

– Enjoy your food

Even if you find a diet, you can always enjoy the food. This is important to think about what to eat, prepare food, eat slowly, do it in the company and remove the TV.

– Learn to chew more

The more you chew food more hunger and anxiety calmly eating, and learn to enjoy the flavors and prevent indigestion. Hence, it is important to eat without distractions at the table.

– Move more and leave a sedentary lifestyle

Besides changing the diet and eating habits, you must burn the energy you eat. No need for you to explode in the gym or kill running. You can start with small walks to win so slowly, then go increasing their duration and our pace. By moving more, you’ll notice that you lose weight much faster.

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