Benefits of walking for weight loss

As moderate exercise is your best ally to lose weight healthily today are some ideas to lose weight walking at a good pace and every day.

The brisk walking (5 to 6 miles per hour) on an ongoing basis (preferably daily) and at least half an hour is one of the most simple, cheap and fun ways to preserve and maintain the line bless you.

HealthThis exercise can be done without any appliance is suitable for all ages, from children as young as 4 or 5 years (before tire) even for people who have even met eighty. So today we decided to give a key to not do it thoughtlessly and know at all times what the benefits.

Some ideas before you get to walk to lose weight

Write down the following that will make you the easiest task:

  • Be constant. Choose a time that you can take every day. If possible, first thing in the morning and do not get discouraged.
  • No go for a lonely forest, attempts to eliminate areas with heavy traffic and pollution.
  • Take your favorite music or watch with pleasant company, which can be a pet.
  • Choose comfortable clothing that you can remove layers once you’ve reached a state of sweating or heating.
  • Needless to either sport, but it is desirable that it is made from breathable cotton. Removes jeans.
  • Shoes are important. It is best to select a model that is suitable to run, though not reach that speed, the designed just for the gym.
  • Protect yourself from the sun and takes a drink.
  • Do not leave without eating. Yes, without overdoing it comes to walking to lose weight here. If you go early in the morning, make a light breakfast with whole, skim milk cereal and fresh fruit. Eliminate sugar we’re on a diet.

Basic Facts to consider when you put walking for weight loss

Once everything is ready and selected, you have to have at least half an hour before exercise begins to take effect. If it’s an hour or a little more, the better. If you can not at first, slow down, but keep in mind that you have to reach a speed just below 6 km / h on level ground.

If you go uphill or pending, speed, depending on your fitness level, you can download, but never below 5.5 km / h. That if you want to walk to lose weight. If you take a walk, you will not get anything. You can calculate the speed considering the chosen distance (Google maps gives you the exact meters from different points) and time of travel.

With these parameters you get warm, you start to sweat and begin to take calories out. If you fail to have that feeling of temperature rise, you will not get a goal of losing weight.

How many calories are spent walking?

Very few compared to other exercise, but are sufficient for that with a proper diet to help your goal. No need to tell you that if you set out to lose weight walking or other exercise and then not you moderate the comings and goings to the refrigerator, little or nothing can get. Let calories and you put some examples.

  • A 60 kilos walking at 5.5 km / h on flat spends more than 200 calories.
  • The body is wise and if you weigh 70 kilos, with the same requirements, spend 250 calories.
  • You burn more calories walking to lose weight the more weight you have, since the cost rises to 300 calories if you weigh 90 kilos.
  • Calculate 10% of wear if you raise the speed at 6 km / h. Note that above this ratio and have to jog or run and that’s another effort.

Does it work walking to lose weight? Do you have some benefit most? Yes. No palliative. Of course, if you control what you eat. If you then reposes a greasy sandwich meats, anything you will serve. Furthermore, the fact brisk walking has countless additional health benefits such as:

  • Lowering bad cholesterol levels.
  • Adequate control of blood pressure and blood sugar ratios.
  • Walking for weight loss also has positive effects on the psyche and mood.

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