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Omelette without eggs

Healthy Food

If you are allergic to eggs, vegan or just want to try a different tortilla chips, we invite you to try this omelette without eggs, how? yes, no egg. In addition we give up to 3 different recipes and a version. 1. Omelette without eggs with chickpea flour This is the omelette without most common […]

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Famous Chefs’ Favorite Oils

Favorite Oils

Oils have seen an interesting run in America’s kitchens. Cottonseed oil, “America’s original vegetable oil,” was all the rage in the 1940s, only to be taken over by corn and other oils, which in turn were taken over by the popularity of olive oil. Today, there are many options, and chefs are starting to see […]

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Seafood types and benefits

Healthy Foods

Seafood is one of the most consumed food at parties Christmas . They are tasty and include a portion of seafood in the weekly diet helps to halve the chances of suffering a heart attack. They contain important nutrients, including omega-3, which is an essential fatty acid that helps maintain cardiovascular health.

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Why eat melon?


The melon is preferred for most summer fruit and almost all have in the fridge during the summer months. If you want to know why eating melon and benefits involved, you just have to keep reading. Besides being delicious, melon feel great when fresh, in addition to numerous nutritional properties and benefits for our body.

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Foods to Prevent Alzheimer’s


The Alzheimer seems to start with what appears to be a simple oversight, but the reality is that over time wreaks havoc crowd, destroying speech, understanding and coordination, proper diet can help delay the onset disease or reduce the risk by up to 40%. So today from our health blog we tell you what foods […]

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