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How to Move Beyond a Weight Loss Plateau

risk of heart disease

There’s a reason why losing weight is the most common New Year’s resolution – actually, there are several. You could blame it on a sedentary lifestyle or easy access to abundant food supply. You could curse the chemical additives in processed foods or the fact that most restaurants put the equivalent of three servings of […]

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Detox drinks to lose weight

Lose Weight

To improve the quality of life, prevent disease, to renew the body and, in general, enjoy a sense of well being, there is nothing better than to get a detox. Detoxification is a process by which we encourage the body to eliminate toxins and waste that accumulate as a result of poor diet, pollution or […]

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10 Keys to lose weight

lose weight

Losing weight is not a sprint, but a career background in which it is easy to fall into behaviors and errors that take us away from the finish. No diet or magic formulas to ensure we reach our goal. Instead, the key to losing weight in a healthy way is consistency, follow clear guidelines and […]

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