Exercises with vibration platforms

The vibration platforms are common in gyms and easy to use at home as passive exercise can be done with these simple exercises.

Exercises vibration platforms

Such devices are part of some gyms and there are also offers domestic models. In essence, create a passive to force the muscles throughout the body, by vibration, contraction movements do gymnastics.

HealthAre quite successful because they require effort. But, therefore, can not be compared with a session of yoga, Pilates or conventional appliances gyms (treadmill, bike, weights, rowing, spinning force …) That is, do not burn as much fat and get so in tune the body with the same efficiency as the fact running or cycling, to name just two examples.

Strengthening exercises legs vibrating platforms

Still they are quite efficient if, again, are combined with other routines. These points to the bottom of the body:

  • With one foot on the base vibration and holding in the sidebars. Also for the gut and waist.
  • Sitting on the platform with legs bent and secured to the bars above is achieved further strengthen the stomach and shoulders.
  • One embodiment the above is stretch your legs out of the machine.
  • One of the easiest exercises with WBV is placed upright and bend your knees slightly. It gets strengthen buttocks and hips.

Easy exercises for shoulders

These machines can also be used to strengthen the top of the body, but are favorites of people who care more waist, buttocks and legs. Have more difficulty because you have to maintain some balance. Rate:

  • To exercise your shoulders and arms can be combined exercises vibration platforms with a fitness ball. Is more complicated, because you have to place your legs on the ball and support arms stretched spare machine while hips up. So buttocks, waist and abdomen is also tones.
  • The strongest may try to side, stretch your legs out of the machine, support arm at the base bending the elbow and pull up your other hand. If you want to increase the effort, you can use a small weight.

Reduce waist with passive exercise

But, if anything are famous exercises vibrating platforms is to refine the waist and flattens the tummy. To do this, you should:

  • Heat a few minutes on the machine with legs slightly apart and both hands on the bar subject.
  • Then surely drop a hand reaches out upward.
  • Firmly, then release the other hand with the same movement to go further exercising muscles.
  • The routine can be terminated, provided with security, slowly flexing legs without touching the knee to the ground.

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