Getting The Products Before The Yogurt

When you decide to open a frozen yogurt business, there are a few items that you’ll want to have on hand before you let customers enter the store. One of the first things to have is the proper paperwork to operate the business. This can be received from the local health department and any other city or state offices that need to give the okay for you to operate the business.

The soft serve machine is one of the frozen yogurt products that you want to have set up before you add any of the decorations, tables and other items. This is the machine that will dispense the yogurt to the customers. A handle is on each container of yogurt, and when customers turn the handle, the yogurt is dispensed into a cup, bowl or cone. If you don’t want to do self serve, then you would need a large freezer case to house all of the yogurt that you want to offer. Try to have a wide variety of yogurt for customers to choose from, changing the flavors on a regular basis so that there are different kinds for each season.


Stackable containers are ideal for the candies and other toppings that customers can put on their yogurt. You can also use the containers for spoons, lids, napkins and other plastic and paper products. These should be placed on a counter away from the food so that they don’t get contaminated. Yogurt supplies include bowls and cups in various sizes as well as tasting spoons so that customers are able to try samples of the products that you have. You will need a large freezer in the back of the shop to keep excess yogurt, especially flavors that are popular and tend to be consumed more than other flavors that you offer. If you’re offering prices based on how much cups weigh, then you need a scale so that you can determine how much each cup weighs in order to give the customer the right price. Other items include cone holders, topping warmers for things like fudge and caramel and a cash register.

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