Healthy strategies to improve your metabolism and lose weight

It is very important to 5 meals and include physical activity in your routine. Often enough with a daily hour.

You certainly know more than one person who is lucky enough to eat all you want and not get fat and one gram. How do they do that? The have a slower or faster metabolism is almost always a genetic condition. However, we can all implement certain strategies to regulate it and improve it.

Weight LoseAnother common characteristic is to enjoy part of our life for a fast metabolism but, when you reach a certain age, you start to notice that we gain weight and we find it hard to lose those extra kilos. Do not despair or give up at all. It is simply to change habits and to include these tips in your day to day.

A low-calorie diets

It is the first error that usually fall when we want to lose weight: decide that we need to eat less and prepare dishes without any fat, no carbohydrates might fulfill the restrictive diet. Now, do you know what the consequences are for your body all this? Take note:

Minimum caloric requirement

It is important to note that the usual and healthy is to eat daily between 1,000 and 1,200 calories. If we eat less, what will happen is that our metabolism will slow and we experience a slowing metabolic rate so that, in addition not to lose weight, we are risking our health. Not worth it!


A restrictive diet we prevented from obtaining the appropriate level of glucose it needs our brains , our muscles and our body in general to fulfill its basic functions. Be careful!

We lose muscle mass

Have you heard that to lose weight and that our skin is sagging? Few things you are so ugly and this is basically because, at the time that this restrictive diet requires us to starve , the body must get food somewhere. You know where you’re going first? A muscle and reach further and extend this calorie diet for weeks, will end up getting food from the cells of the lungs and heart.

Eat “little” many times a day

If you have inherited the slow metabolism of our family, the worst mistake that can fall when it comes to losing weight is definitely skip meals. Choosing not to have breakfast or dinner all you’ll get is that your body into “alarm” and choose to store fat in view of not receiving enough nutrients. However, if we offer small amounts of food, 5 or 6, to Throughout the day, you find a proper balance.

Do not hesitate and includes your 5 or 6 servings of refined flour foods low in sweets, caterers … Replace them with fresh vegetables for healthy protein for healthy fats like those from oily fish, salmon , and important also you consume each day between 6 and 8 glasses of water. It will help to eliminate toxins.

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