Home remedies for urinary incontinence

Home remedies for urinary incontinence will help us control the loss of bladder control, a common problem, which can often be embarrassing. Sometimes, usually so severe that the loss of urine when coughing or sneezing, being so strong and sudden that do not reach the toilet in time.

HealthHow to treat urinary incontinence

There are several changes in lifestyle and home remedies that can help us know how to treat urinary incontinence:

– Keep A moderate weight and lower it if necessary, since excess fat in the abdominal region puts pressure on the bladder and pelvic muscles.

– Avoid snuff because nicotine can irritate the bladder and for people who smoke heavily, coughing may contribute to suffer incontinence.

– Perform exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles par keep in shape.

– Use External devices collectors, as another home remedies to treat urinary incontinence. These devices are designed for both women and men and can bring you more confidence, especially when traveling or at night.

‘Take a diary of urination at least one week where you include the time of day of urination or leakage, the amount and fluid intake that have preceded it, the activity when the leak and if the desire to urinate was present, so that you take it to the doctor and help you determine what type of incontinence you have and what treatment is best.

– Acude The bathroom to empty your bladder before embarking on a trip feel like it or not, which will provide greater security and confidence.

– Use Clothes that are easy to remove, and prevent divers, swimwear one-piece, tight pants and socks, which can also put unnecessary pressure on the lower abdomen.

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