How To Add More Steps Into Every Day

Even if you don’t have a normal workout routine you should still do everything you can to add a little (or a lot) more physical fitness into your daily life. You can do that by walking more, which is easy to do if you know how. Take some time to learn about how unhealthy sitting really is and that could help motivate you to get up and move more.

It’s a good idea to purchase a pedometer or a fitness tracker. Start off on your first day doing things the same as you always do so that you can get an idea of how many steps you take on a normal day. This way you can see how much more you’ve gotten in each additional day, and even keep track.

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Every step you take works toward burning calories as well, so you are doing many great things for your life, like expending some of the food you’ve eaten. If you walk fast enough you’ll also help get your heartrate up which can help boost your mood with the release of endorphins.

Park Farther Away

You can start your foray into extra steps by parking farther away from your destination, or not taking your vehicle at all if your destination is only a mile or so away. Those extra steps can add up pretty quickly if you do this everywhere you go and every day.

Park at the farther spot from the door of work or the store. Park around the block if it’s in a safe area with free parking. Walk to the store on the corner if you aren’t getting something too heavy to bring back home with you.

Take The Stairs

The stairs not only add more steps into your day, but they also give your legs and your heart a good workout, depending on how many floors you need to cover. You’d be amazed to know that choosing the stairs over the elevator can actually extend your life.

It might hurt the first few times you walk up a few floors or more, but after a while you’ll get used to it and you’ll be wanted to add more steps to your day. Do it, it’s good for you.

Walk The Dog or Play With The Kids

Your dog, and your children, need exercise just as much as you do, so get them involved in your added steps. Take your do for a walk each day, unless you need to walk on pavement and it’s too hot out.

As far as children go, you can walk with them, give yourself a good workout in the summer walking barefoot on the beach, or simply play tag with them in your own yard.

Go For A Walk Or A Hike

Simply take a mile or more walk a day, at a pace that works for you, will add some much needed steps into your daily routine. You’ll find that you begin to get more energy the more you walk. Plus, there’s always some time for a walk.

If you live someplace with some great hiking trails, hiking is even better than merely walking. The changes in terrain can give you a good workout, and hiking is a great way to heal your mind, body and soul. Hiking may be a little time consuming, so do it on your days off.

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