How to choose a healthy diet

Like so many people want to lose weight, advice to achieve this goal are everywhere: magazine covers, television shows, blogs, miracle products, and others. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find any reliable information in the middle of so much data. So I thought it was a good idea to share some tips on how to choose a healthy diet.

DietReminder of past episodes

First, back to the basics. In some previous articles I remembered the advice of the Health Ministry warning against fad diets. Although hard to admit it, losing weight is a long-term is to change the habits permanently. Those who lose a lot of weight quickly usually recover as fast, and even risk having more serious problems.

Therefore, the important thing is to eat fewer calories than you expend, and so is often more important to control the power , though of course have some moderate physical activity every day is also very important.

The advice from the Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is one of the most prestigious American medical institutions. These are the questions we advise you do when you’re evaluating a diet specifically.

  • Does this diet several foods from the major food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, low-fat dairy products, lean proteins and nuts?
  • Does foods that you like and would eat you for life, not just for a few weeks or months?
  • Is it easy you find these foods in the shops in your neighborhood?
  • Can you eat your favorite, or even better food, all kinds of food?
  • Does your lifestyle and your budget it fit?
  • Does a sufficient amount of nutrients and calories to help you lose weight healthily and effectively?
  • Does this diet a section with regular physical activity?

If the answer to one of those questions is no, it means that this diet is not good for you, you can keep searching, you might have a better one you can find.


I find interesting these tips because not only ensure that the diet is healthy, varied, accompanied by exercise, does not pose too great a caloric imbalance, but insists on the fact that you have to like what you eat, because, really A diet is a way of life forever. This is not to make an effort for a few weeks or months, but get good habits forever. So you really have to find, it is like making a few adjustments in your life to improve.

Obviously, if you have a severe case of overweight, or even if you do not have and just want professional guidance, it is best to talk to a doctor. The family doctor may be able to help you or direct to another specialist, whether endocrinologist, dietitian is.

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