How to Move Beyond a Weight Loss Plateau

There’s a reason why losing weight is the most common New Year’s resolution – actually, there are several. You could blame it on a sedentary lifestyle or easy access to abundant food supply. You could curse the chemical additives in processed foods or the fact that most restaurants put the equivalent of three servings of food on every plate. You could say you don’t have time because of work, family, and other obligations. People make plenty of excuses for being overweight. The problem is that these don’t go away just because it’s a new calendar year. Even if you manage to stick with your new diet and exercise regimen beyond January, you may eventually hit a plateau that derails your motivation.

The ray of sunshine here is that you’re not the first person to come up against this hurdle, which means there are a lot of resources available to help you bypass a plateau and continue your weight loss journey. A good place to start is by using diet and exercise in combination, if you’re not doing so already. Some people have no problem cutting back on calories, but they can’t seem to motivate themselves to go to the gym. Others feel that exercise should allow them to eat whatever they want. The truth is that neither of these attitudes will get you the results you want as quickly and efficiently as pairing them will. By adding both to your routine you can work past a plateau and continue loosing weight.Choosing a Long-Lasting Elliptical Trainer

Of course, you may already be dieting and exercising. In this case you should think about switching up your routine. Our bodies are adaptable, which means they eventually get used to a repeated activity, such as exercise. If you find a workout you love and you stick with it for a while, you may start to see your progress slowing or even notice that it comes to a complete halt before long. By making some changes you could reboot and get back on track.

If you really enjoy one type of exercise and you don’t want to find something new, think about adding weights to the mix as a means of intensifying your workout and burning more calories. Otherwise, you may find that you benefit from a new type of training. Interval training has been proven effective when it comes to weight loss, and there is no shortage of routines to try. Or if you don’t like interval training, simply try something new like jogging, cycling, swimming, team sports, yoga, Pilates, or any number of video workouts.

Make sure you’re getting proper nutrition, as well. Even though you’re limiting calories in a bid to lose weight, you still have to eat the foods that are going to give your body energy and aid in muscle repair, and you might want to add supplements to ensure that your body has all the nutrients it needs even as you lose weight. You can try all kinds of tactics when determining how to lose weight in 5 days, 5 weeks, or 5 months. But when you hit a plateau it’s best to try something new to see if you can get past the roadblock that’s holding up your weight loss progress.

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