How to Restore Your Smile

If you find yourself holding back the urge to smile because you are self-conscience about the appearance of your teeth, you might want to explore the available options to get that smile restored. That way, you will no longer feel the need to look in the mirror and try to envision what others see when you smile. Instead, you will be able to smile with confidence. This will make you feel better on the inside as well. how-to-restore-your-smile

Clear Braces St Louis

If your teeth just simply do not line up the way they should, you might want to consider braces. Different types are available, but each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A qualified dental provider in your area can help you make the right choice. For example, a search in the St. Louis area will point you to places like Brentwood Dental Group.

One disadvantage with traditional braces is the fact that the appearance of them can still leave one self-conscious about his or her smile. In addition, certain types of foods are difficult to eat because particles tend to get stuck in the braces. For this reason, countless individuals prefer a type of clear braces like Invisalign.
Clear braces are much less obvious in appearance than metal braces. In fact, most observers will not even notice them. They are a popular choice for both teens and adults.

Another advantage of clear braces is the ability to remove them as necessary. This makes it easier to eat your favorite foods and to brush your teeth. These braces gently ease the teeth into proper alignment over time. Rather than having a wire that needs regular adjustments like metal braces do, they are simply replaced as necessary.


If you have gaps caused by missing teeth, you can have those teeth replaced with bridges. They are permanently implanted replacement teeth that are secured in place by fastening them to the adjacent natural teeth. As far as the appearance is concerned, when you smile, no one will notice that you don’t have a full set of natural teeth.


Regular checkups are important if you want to keep that smile. This enables dental care providers to detect and fix problems early, before they become major issues.

In addition, these checkups are usually accompanied by a professional cleaning that is done by a dental hygienist. This helps preserve the appearance and prevent decay.

Your dental care professional can help you choose among all the options that are available, such as teeth whitening, which will keep that smile going. Life is too short to let concern over your smile interfere with living it.

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