Natural supplements for sleeping

Have trouble sleeping? Not rest at night? If you sleep badly but do not want to take medication to sleep, we will explain what natural supplements you can take to sleep well, to help you to rest.

HealthMany people have a difficult time to rest, because they are unable to sleep, so it is important to consider lifestyle, excess caffeine, lack of exercise, or too night work, but sometimes it is important consider some natural sleep remedies can provide a good night’s sleep.

What natural remedies for sleep can take?

Among the natural remedies that help you sleep well are the following:


Chamomile (see Figure 2) has calming effect and can act at a similar level as tranquilizers drugs, but without side effects. Remember to not use this facility if you are pregnant, lactating or if you suffer allergies to ragweed (native plant of America).


Valerian root has been used as a sedative and anti-anxiety treatment for thousands of years. It is also capable of helping to sleep faster and improve sleep quality. More effective as time used, therefore it should be used for short periods it becomes.

The problem is that valerian may cause side effects such as stomach pain, headache or drowsiness in the morning. You must take special care not take valerian with sleep medications or alcohol, because it can aggravate their effect; Valerian is considered safe to drink for four to six weeks.


Another natural remedies for sleep is Passionflower is a plant (see Figure 3) very adequate and n situations where insomnia or restlessness, leaving no sleep arises; can be taken for long periods and is indicated in children and the elderly.


It is a calming of nerves plant and has slightly narcotic properties, so it is a good natural remedy when it is difficult to sleep. To which is effective must take an infusion of this hour ground half before going to the bed.

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