Non-pharmacological treatments you need to know

In addition to the medical guidelines that you should follow, it is very important that in your everyday life begin to make changes with which to obtain a better quality of life. It is essential to understand that fibromyalgia is going to be that uncomfortable companion with whom wake up every morning, however, through adequate strategies can silence, weaken and get a better welfare.

HealthTake note of these tips:

1. Relaxation

It is important that, for an hour a day, learn to relax, to empty your mind and breathe deeply. Finding an adequate internal balance and peace in your mind and your body is very useful to deal with the pain.

2. The best food

Avoid foods that we “inflamed”

  • The sugar
  • The salt
  • Sweets and pastries
  • Prepared or pre-cooked meals
  • Red meat
  • Dairy
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Sausages

Beneficial foods (very alkaline diet)

  • Oily fish
  • The avocados
  • The olive oil
  • Fruit with skin and raw, no juices. Special searches which is rich in vitamin C.
  • Fresh vegetables and, if possible, raw, such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, broccoli, garlic …
  • Legumes
  • Flaxseed
  • Chia seeds

3. Massage and gentle exercise

The massage reduces pain between 20% and 30%, and just 3 weekly half-hour sessions to see results. You can rest better and feel lighter and less stiff joints. It would also be well suited you to practice yoga at home, because they are soft exercises to improve your mobility.

Final aspects that you should consider about fibromyalgia

1. Keep a journal “pain”

It is highly recommended to follow up on your relapse or your improvements . There are days when we feel less pain, and it is important to know what we have done or not done to find better. Also remember that each patient is unique, hence going to be yourself the best observer of your body.

2. Note any alternative

Some people just rely on medication and refuses to try other therapies such as relaxation or even go to a psychologist for depression or emotional problems . Do not forget that fibromyalgia is a disease consisting of various physical and psychological ailments that have to know approached from several areas.

So it is best to try alternatives and see what results we offer.

3. Lean on your family, your friends and your health

Social support is essential in our day to day. It allows you to feel supported and understood, so avoid isolating yourself thinking that others do not know how you feel. Find the best support!

4. Do not let fibromyalgia dominate your life

Pain makes us prisoners, we know, but if you give every day for fibromyalgia, one will be suffering. Do not let it. Try to lead a normal life within your means always looking for your happiness, illusion to do things, get up every day and leave in the background the disease.

All efforts, all aid, worth it.

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