Skin Deep on the Cheap

Just like when you’ve stepped out of the salon with a great haircut, or bought yourself a fab outfit, when your skin looks good, you positively glow with health and vitality. Healthy skin makes all the difference to the way you feel about yourself and the way others see you, but it’s not easy to get the moisture balance right to create the desired combination of suppleness, softness and even tones.

Skin Deep on the Cheap


Skin may be complex but there’s no need to be an expert in beauty therapy to give it the treatment it needs to look its best. “Simple products based on natural oils, combined with natural scents and oils from flowers and herbs” says Gill Govier, author of “How To Live On Less”, “can provide us with skin products that do the same job, cost a fraction of the price, and will not irritate or clog our skin as their commercial cousins can.”

Next time you run out of Head and Shoulders, therefore, consider whether there is a home-made preparation suitable for your hair and scalp instead. Gill Govier lists a wide range of hair treatments, including egg and herb shampoos (not as gross as they sound!), herbal rinses and deep conditioning hot oils in the above-mentioned book. For dandruff, Govier recommends “add one tsp antiseptic in the final rinse” when washing your hair, and “rub a mixture of one part apple juice to three parts water into the scalp 2-3 times a week.”

As well as using natural treatments, the best things you can do for your skin are the usual things your mother always told you: fresh air and exercise, fresh fruit and vegetables, plenty of water and a good night’s sleep. Avoid the usual suspects: cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, too much screen time, stress and anxiety, and your skin will reward you.

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