Steps to start being vegetarian

While many say that the decision to be vegetarian is easy and requires no effort, there are cases in which this very dramatic change in feeding them becomes difficult. Therefore, you can go step by step, completing stages and then if you stop eating meat altogether.

The life of a vegetarian

Pass to lead a power that is not based on any kind of meat is becoming more common. It’s easier than a few years ago to find a restaurant or a party where you serve vegetarian food. Furthermore, in the supermarket and shops all ingredients and foods you precise sold.

HealthYour choice may have started long ago but have not yet taken the final step to complete. Do not worry, because if you follow the reason that led you to become a vegetarian, you will not fail . So if you consider that at the beginning, it will be hard not to be in contact with meat, especially if your family or environment they are accustomed to these dishes. With the passage of time, you will no longer say you are vegetarian , because I know and prepare what if you can eat.

Three steps to start being vegetarian

First, it recognizes that there are meals you love meat. It might be a fan of the soup, salads or pasta. This does not mean that only eat these dishes every day, because if you add too much flour and get fat if you just ingest vegetables, you may feel weak. But you realize that maybe you were almost vegetarian for some time without notice.

Second, think of those recipes that you like condolences meat and how would. You can use soy in large chunks to make a cake with potatoes, make hamburgers with lentils and quinoa, etc. Do not forget to spice good taste better and match the colors of food on your plate.

Finally, learn about new recipes, buy special books, search the Internet. When you get used to a vegetarian diet, you are adding more variety of food than before you ate meat.

Unfamiliar foods armadillos to your diet

You may not know certain foods or ingredients that let you fill you with energy and nutrients, beyond what you can provide fruits and vegetables. Legumes are an undisputed ally for vegetarians, as they provide everything your body needs: lentils, chickpeas or beans are ideal for salads, sauces, prepared dishes, etc.

The seeds are also highly recommended, you can eat them raw or cooked, but always remember to leave them in water so that “paying out” its nutrients. In soups, salads, cakes and juices can consume.

Do not forget mushrooms, which provide vitamin D and are present in many recipes without meat. And the nuts as a snack will come in wonders.

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