Surrounding Yourself With Positive Vibes

One of the heartbreaking things that you could hear is that you have cancer. While you’re sitting in the doctor’s office, you might think that your world is ending. Will treatments work? How long will you have to go through treatments before you start to see a difference in how your body looks and feels? When you’re coping with a cancer diagnosis, it’s important to ask the doctor questions and do as much research as possible so that you understand what you’re facing in the future. You also need a support system of family and friends as they can give you the encouragement that you need to make it through any treatments and setbacks, allowing you to cry when you need to, get angry or simply be with someone so that you’re not alone.

Get rid of the clutter in your life. This isn’t just the mental clutter that you’ll go through when dealing with the cancer. It’s also the material clutter. It’s the laundry that seems to pile up after spending a day in a doctor’s office getting blood drawn or pajamas that are on the floor after spending a day in bed because you’re too weak to get up during the day. You’ll see prescription bottles cluttering cabinets and the messages on paper to call people back. Think about what you need to keep out and what you can put away in storage so that you don’t have as much to keep clean.


Your cancer diagnosis is also a time for you to examine your social relationships. You don’t need anyone in your life who is going to bring your down and depress you. There are people who you need to keep who will lift you up and keep you thinking positively. You’ll see that you have less energy to do the things that you once did. Find ways to be nice to yourself. Take some time to enjoy the small things. Watch a favorite movie, spend time with family members who you don’t get to see, or get a massage so that you feel relaxed, especially after radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

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