The diet that will make you laugh

With spring knocking on the door leave behind the darkness of winter and the sun comes out to greet us. Good weather and feeding a decisive influence on our moods. We teach you what to eat to lift the spirits and not stop laughing. These are the foods that you return the smile, take note!

HealthFood is a factor we should care if we keep a good mood. Poor nutrition generates irritation, fatigue and loss of appetite; on the contrary excessive intake causes inactivity and heaviness. It is important to find a balance that allows us to remain light and assets and our diet combined with exercise physical because that generate endorphins improving our sense of wellbeing.

To preserve the good humor is necessary to follow a series of eating habits healthy:

  • Hydrate : Drink daily at least two liters of water. We can take on the form of teas, juices or fruits high percentage in water.
  • Five meals a day : Depressions and falls mood are related to decreases in the levels of blood sugar, so we must distribute intakes throughout the day and avoid spending many hours without eating. Breakfast is a very important moment, must be complete and abundant as it occurs after many hours of sleep without eating anything and is the time of day when sugar levels are lower.
  • Eat vegetables twice a week : They are fundamental to a diet rich in fiber, you can also eat prepared from wheat gluten naturally to replace animal fats.
  • Come every day two pieces of fruit, hearty salads, nuts, cereals and juices with pulp that have more fiber.
  • Removes industrial supply products from hours to replace them with yogurt, fruit, cookies or a small snack.

Besides these habits is important to recognize which foods contain the nutrients of happiness, those who most influence to successfully dodge the bad mood and allow you to find happiness.

  • Fiber : Allows proper absorption of food in the gut. Abundant in vegetables, legumes, barley, fruit, nuts and whole grains.
  • Serotonin : Responsible for communication between neurons and is associated with sleep cycles. Stimulation reduces fatigue and dejection. Found in abundance in bananas, nuts, chocolate, beans, cheese and fish.
  • Tryptophan : An amino acid responsible for controlling insulin levels and processes of stress, insomnia and anxiety. We will find on the apple, pineapple, avocado, bananas, yogurt, almonds, eggs, fish, meat and vegetables.

From these tips you can brew your own weekly feeding table where all these nutrients are represented in a few days you will see everything with much optimism !.

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