Tips before buying “healthy” foods

More and more consumers who care about their health and eating healthy foods, but be careful because not all those sold and advertised are. Therefore you should pay attention to these tips before you buy “healthy” foods to make sure they are actually doing.

HealthMany of the foods that are sold as healthy, ‘light’ or dietary really are not. In most cases, the consumer buys and trust properties of these foods or meals, paying no attention to the nutritional table is what really gives us the information we need to know about that particular product.

On the other hand, it should be noted that because a product is healthy or diet does not mean you can abuse their consumption since less, but still provides calories. Finally, it is noteworthy that many of these specialty products are designed for one type of person or a particular diet (no sugar, less carbohydrate carbons, more vitamins and minerals, high in protein …), so they are not suitable for everyone.

What I watch for while buying healthy food

Hence it is essential before buying healthy food consider some guidelines:

– Always see product labeling to know the ingredients and composition having basic macro nutrients such as fat, protein and carbohydrates.

– The light products are usually low in sugar and fat, but it is important to know if they contain saturated or unsaturated whether we are really buying healthy food or not fat.

– Avoid at all costs the trans and saturated fats. Both are very harmful to health (especially the “trans”), increasing the “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and decrease the “good” (HDL). Many firms camouflaged under the name of “vegetable fats”, without elaborating. They are widely used because they are very beneficial for companies, not for consumers: economic, improve the shelf life of products, the taste … But the reality is that many experts believe they should be eliminated from the diet of the persons.

– If a product does not include, at least, their exact name, the list of ingredients and the percentage that includes everyone, we should not be trusted and therefore the right thing for us is to leave the supermarket shelf .

– Similarly, when buying healthy foods is important to check the expiration date, the conditions of storage and use, place of origin and lot number are explained.

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