Top Developments In Health And Wellness For 2015

It’s always a good choice to keep yourself up to date on the newest and most efficient health and wellness developments every year.  Keeping yourself in the know could someday prove to be quite useful.  Besides the fact that this knowledge could be useful, it’s super interesting.  Doctors have become scientists and vice versa.  When that amount of intelligence comes together, you can be sure to see some great things emerge.  Here is a quick summary of some of the top developments in health and wellness for the year.

New quick and painless blood testing

Believe it or not, there are actually plans in the workings to have a sort of blood testing kiosk available in Walmarts around the United States.  The machine will be able to perform up to thirty different blood tests with only one drop of your blood.  It’s already a working system in several CVS locations around the U.S.  You just procure orders from your physician for certain blood testing, and you take it to CVS just like you would if you were getting a prescription filled.  The tests can be done within just a couple hours.

Robotics in the land of Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery has made leaps and bounds in the past decade.  There is now a  new robotic tool that will assist in spinal surgeries, and cause way less physical damage.  Before this invention, most spinal surgeries would require the surgeon to make very invasive incisions down the patient’s back, and that resulted in some pretty rough scarring.  That’s no longer an issue.  They’ve got it down to just a few small incision marks that are left over.

Bionic contact lenses

Yeah, you read that right.  There are now such things as bionic contact lenses.  These lenses can be used for several different technologies, but one of the most beneficial is blood glucose testing.  The contact will measure the individual’s blood glucose levels through tears from the eye.  Who knows what they will be able to create next.  It’s projected that the technology will be used to enhance the traditional video game experience.  If so, this would blow the current gaming methods out of the water!

Digital tattoos that measure your health stats

We’ve had plenty of experiences with using wearable health-monitoring devices like the FitBit, or the Apple Watch, but now there are digital tattoos that will do all of that work for you.  It’s a super thin tattoo that will keep up with countless amounts of data on your personal health.  There will also be great leaps in the wearable technology.  You will be able to buy shirts and pants that are equipped with sensors that read out different types of information, as well.

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