Visit LA and Come Home More Beautiful

Los Angeles is one of most popular vacation spots in the US. There are a great number of tourist attractions, such as Disneyland and other theme parks, Aquariums and Zoos, famous beaches and surfing, as well as being home to the epicenter of the entertainment industry, Hollywood. The weather is usually fabulous, giving California a reputation for always being sunny. It is home to movie stars and other celebrities and is known as the home of the “beautiful people.”  If you visit, you could never run out of things to do, but instead of trying to see and do everything, you should embrace that laid back So Cal lifestyle, relax and pamper yourself.  You will come home well rested and more beautiful than when you left.  Here are a few suggestions to do just that:

  • Hit the beach and soak up some California sunshine. If you are light skinned, you may enjoy getting a bit of a tan. But no matter what the color of your skin, be sure to wear sunscreen, to protect your skin from damage from UV rays.  Especially if you normally spend a lot of time indoors, sunshine is good for you. It helps your body create vitamin D3, raises endorphin levels and may even ease the symptoms of depression. It makes you happy!
  • Shop for some stylish new clothing. Like NY, LA is one of the fashion centers of the country. Styles and trends start there first. You can buy things there before they are even available anywhere else. Whether you take a stroll down the famous Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills for expensive brand names, explore small boutiques or vintage shops, or just hit the malls. You will find many unique items to make you stand out from the crowd back home.
  • Get pampered at a day spa. You can get theraputic and relaxing massages, skin treatments or even minor cosmetic procedures done, to bring out the best looking you. LA has many great ones to help you look and feel great from head to toe.
  • Get a new haircut and makeover. Some of the best stylists and makeup artists live and work in LA. Treat yourself to a haircut and mani-pedi and even get your makeup done. You may learn some new techniques for making your own daily makeup look better.
  • Eat well and eat fresh. California supplies most of the fresh fruits and veggies for the US. As tempting as a quick trip to a burger joint may be, while you are there eat light and enjoy all the local healthy foods. A trip to a local farmer’s market or roadside stand can actually be exciting for a passionate foodie. You will find varieties of fruits not found in your average grocery store and everything is as fresh as can be. The inexpensive prices may also shock you, such as seeing avocados at 10 for $1. The state is also a big producer of dairy products such as cheese, as well as some of the best wine in the world. Enjoy it all while you are there and consider shipping some home for later.

Many people come home from vacation more tired and worn out than when they left.  But go to LA and do it right and you will come refreshed and looking like one of the “beautiful people” of Southern California.

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