What are the best natural relaxants?

The most effective natural relaxants found in certain plants, discover them here with their disadvantages is also good to know.

What are soothing natural?

By relaxing natural we refer to plants that have sedative effects states of nervousness, anxiety or stress. They also help to sleep because it is more restful and deep, which is especially beneficial for insomnia.

HealthHow do they work?

The soothing natural alkaloids and have active ingredients that produce relaxing effects, narcotics, etc. in the body. Often interact with brain chemistry strengthening, as appropriate, the neurotransmitters that produce the soothing statements or attenuate stress, excitement, etc.

The best natural relaxants

Passionflower: It is a climbing plant native to Mexico whose flower is particularly beautiful. It is a natural relaxant used by Aztecs and already enjoying great success today. Its active ingredients are in their essential oils, rich in flavoring and phenols. Must refrain from consuming pregnant women, infants and children. May cause drowsiness in some people. It incompatibility with antihistamines, other sedatives and hypnotics and alcohol. It is an ideal in cases of anxiety plant.

Valerian is an herb whose root has soothing properties. Usually grows spontaneously in many parts of Europe and the United States, where is frequently used as a natural relaxant. Contraindications of valerian are during pregnancy, lactation and children under three years. Unless otherwise indicated, it is recommended not to use essential oils through internal during pregnancy, lactation and children under ten years. Ideal when we are nervous or too fast.

Tilo: It is a tree that grows in cold and wet areas of the northern hemisphere. In its flowers are natural soothing properties and call them known tila infusion is obtained. Not for nothing is so popular these properties due to the active alpha-pinene, nerol, limonene, caffeic acid and eugenol. It also has applications for other different problems, but stands out for its sedative qualities. Its advantage is to have few contraindications, as in case of obstruction of the bile ducts, if you have serious heart disease and during pregnancy, and warnings are missing studies. Avoid if we have very petite pressure.

Orange blossom: The Flowers of orange blossom come from. It is said that in particular those of bitter orange are the most effective. Is contraindicated if the essential oil make ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, gastritis, gastric ulcers, epilepsy, neurological diseases and liver are treated. Nor orange consumption is advised during pregnancy, lactation and children under 6 years.

Other plants that can also help you

Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Lavender are some of the many other plants that act as natural relaxants. Seek advice from your doctor or specialist.

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To learn more about these plants with relaxing properties on our website you will find specific information written with the usual quality on each floor with a lot more details about its properties, contraindications, applications, etc. If any are not, in future updates you can find it.

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