What is Holistic Massage therapy?

It takes its name from the Greek word “Holos” meaning all, entire, complete. The human being is an indivisible whole; composed of a physical body, mind, emotions and a soul or spirit.

Holistic massage treats each person according to their individual needs so that the body can thus restore their natural balance. This type of massage is applied to the whole body, looking for the full fullness thereof.

holistic massage

Holistic massage is an ancient technique where the patient enters a total relaxation, physical, mental and spiritual. The movements are slow and precise. Therapist’s hands follow a rhythm, transporting the patient to a state of introspection.

The result is a fresh, quiet and vibrant person, with less strain on your body, because massage helps release tension and other emotions of the patient. Male Spa in Manhattan and Best cheap electrolysis in manhattan to know more details.

Additional benefits:

  • Physical and mental stimulation
  • Improve the formation of antibodies
  • Increase consumption of oxygen.
  • Improves cleansing function
  • Improves blood circulation and muscle tone
  • Eliminates stress and relieves stress
  • Clear your mind, favoring concentration and mental clarity
  • Provides peace
  • Increases Energy
  • Used to remove repressions, to release the body and spirit.

Humans are energy flowing in harmony, and when it does, stagnates and causes imbalances that manifest themselves in different ways; to avoid these locks should ensure the following habits:

  • Good nutrition
  • Resting properly
  • Optimism
  • Positive emotions
  • Be active
  • Receiving massage

Our feet, the forgotten

The feet are one of the most neglected areas and “neglected” the body that tend to pay less attention, they are the basis of our skeleton, so we cannot neglect them because they are our means of locomotion.

If you dedicate yourself every day just a few minutes of your time at your feet, I can assure you that the result will be highly positive.

The first step to taking care of feet is hydrate with creams that contain vitamin A, recommend doing it daily, it is important to have this habit to start your day.

The second step is applying massages. A good foot massage provides many benefits, not only to their own ends but our whole body, as well as providing a pleasant feeling and very relaxing.


  • Relaxation – The foot massage creates a powerful relaxing effect on the body, which is seen almost instantaneously.
  • Associated control – The previous benefit, a good foot massage helps control anxiety.
  • Dolor – Relief from standing, overexertion, etc. it is common for indicating feet through the pain, you need to care more.
  • Pressure Improves arterial – Relaxing massage controls blood pressure and heart rate at the time it is made.
  • By improving the Sleep – Achieved with a pleasant relaxation massage, stress relieved getting better sleep.

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