What is phosphenism?

The phosphenism is a set of techniques to develop the psychological and spiritual mental abilities, intellectual.

How we can help?

The first effect achieved by practicing Phosphenism is a relaxation of the nervous system, it is therefore very suitable to treat problems such as anxiety, stress, rush fever, depression, insomnia, anxiety, psychological distress, etc. Thus functions as a natural treatment against these diseases without adverse effects of any kind.

HealthThe phosphenism, enhances mental focus and memory, which increases our intellectual capacity. We find it much easier to memorize a lesson, prepare for an exam or lecture.

Strengthens, develops and stabilizes the psychological, emotional and intellectual balance enhancing our intelligence throughout a whole.

Increases intellectual curiosity, the spirit of initiative, the ability to create new ideas and creativity in general.

A pedagogical level is a valuable tool, favoring the disappearance of dyslexia, attention deficit, school delays, dis-spelling, hyperactivity, etc.

A turn is an important instrument of inner growth and self-transformation. Naturally and subtly purify our thoughts and emotions making us better people and giving us peace and serenity.

Benefits phosphenism

Among its benefits more at are increased confidence and security in ourselves, an increase of courage, eliminating fears, improved personality and character, physical and mental relaxation, increased energy Mental, that is our mind is more alert and awake, thus providing more ideas or resources that we need at any given time.

Brings greater joy in life, takes away the timid shyness and relaxes with excessive verbiage, power the will to fight, of facing the difficulties, without fear, without panic without discouragement, without anger, quietly with patience and tenacity.

What is it based?

The phosphenism basically consists of looking at a particular light and make a series of exercises.

The exercises are based on the light, and sound through rhythm and movement.

Light is observed, a phosphene is created and a series of exercises, head sways about certain rhythms, depending on what you want to achieve, activation of mind, relaxation is done etc.

This phosphene is light energy and has the ability to transform into mental energy, or put another way to stimulate our neurons strengthening our mind and intellect.

The method is called “Phosphenic Mixing” and his regular practice enhances the development of memory, intelligence, spirit of initiative, artistic intuition, creativity by mixing thoughts with phosphenes.

Origin and history

Method created by Dr. Francis Lefebure was born in Paris in 1916.

Besides doctor was a researcher; a man out of the ordinary, an innovator who received several awards and medals at the international exhibition of inventors. He worked as a doctor, as a science teacher, writer of more than 30 works, 20 of them referred to phosphenism and inventor of 5 appliances brain activation.

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