What To Do At The Dentist

When you think about going to the dentist, you might think about getting the teeth cleaned or getting a filling if there is a cavity. While these are common procedures that are performed by dentists Brooklyn offices offer, there are other procedures that can give you the beautiful smile that you desire while keeping the teeth healthy.

The composite filling is one of the most common things to get done in the office. The cavity is removed from the tooth, and the filling is placed. Most fillings will last for some time as long as you care for the teeth by brushing them and avoiding extremely hard foods that could break the filling. A crown might need to be placed if the filling does come out.

What To Do At The Dentist

Some dentists will perform basic extractions if there is a tooth that is infected or if there is one that is too damaged for any kind of other dental procedure to help save the tooth. If you are anxious about getting a tooth pulled, then look for a dentist who can use nitrous oxide to help relax you through the procedure. Sometimes, the use of nitrous can make the procedure faster as you are relaxed, making it easy for the dentist to maneuver the mouth in the way that is needed to reach the tooth that needs to be pulled.

If you want whiter teeth, then ask for a bleaching procedure. This can be done in the form of a laser treatment or a tray that has a gel that is applied to the teeth. Both procedures only take a few moments to complete. You might need two or three treatments depending on how bright you want the teeth.

The health of the teeth is important to the dentist. Educational resources, such as books and videos, are available for you to read so that you know of the proper ways to brush the teeth and floss. The dentist can x-ray the teeth to make sure there are none that are broken or that have cavities that need to be watched before a filling is done.

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