What to Expect With Alternative Emergency Room Services

Choosing to use the services of an urgent care center does not mean that you sacrifice quality of care. The improved patient-to-staff ratio ensures that you will get more quality time and assessment from a team of emergency medical professionals. Once you have checked in, the process begins. Below are a few of the steps you can expect in receiving the best care imaginable for your ailment or injury.

Triage and Problem Assessment

A qualified nurse will perform triage and determine the extent of your illness, or injury. There are times that you might be referred on to a hospital if it is a matter of life and death emergency, or it is obvious that you need treatment that requires hospitalization. This is what the triage nurse is trained to determine.

Assessment in a Private Room By Medical Professionals

You will then be taken back to a private room where a nurse and doctor will do a thorough assessment of the medical problem. They will gather all of the pertinent facts about your health and what the problem is. This is your time to fully explain what you are experiencing. The great part is that it will not take long to make it to this point, unlike a traditional hospital emergency room wait. Each member of the medical team will take their time in explaining everything that is going on.

Diagnostic Testing As Needed

The medical team will decide what types of diagnostic tests need to be done and perform them quickly. This may include x-rays, blood tests, urine samples or other types of diagnostic tools. This will give the team the answers they need to better determine a course of treatment. You will only be given the tests that are a necessary part of determining what is wrong and how to make you healthy again.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

The medical team will discuss their findings with you in detail. They will provide you with the available treatment options and offer their educated opinion as to what needs to be done to get you on the road to recovery. The process is less stressful and anxiety ridden than traditional emergency room treatment.

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