Will exercise gives us happiness?

The percentage of obese men and women in the European Union is growing to the point that it is reaching levels United States, one corner of the world where the numbers soar further result of a diet rich in fat and sedentary attitude. Coca-Cola, in order to combat this situation and raise public awareness about the importance of exercise, has launched its campaign Movement is happiness, does want to see?

HealthSport is one of the healthiest habits we can include in our daily life, as it will help us achieve that coveted among the calories we consume and we spend, a fact that does not occur when we adopt a passive attitude breakeven in our daily lives.

General benefits of exercise

Among the very many benefits it provides exercise, we highlight a greater cardio respiratory fitness, develop lower risk of heart disease, decreased levels of blood pressure, prevent deterioration of the mineralization of our bones, respiratory disorders, promotes toning and increases the strength of certain joint structures such as cartilage, ligaments and tendons, increases muscle elasticity, increased fat consumption during the development of this activity, which in turn will help us maintain the ideal weight or, even helps to release tension.

Such are the advantages that we exercise that Coca-Cola did not hesitate a moment to launch a new campaign under the name of Movement is Happiness, and at European level to raise awareness about what important it is to abandon the sedentary attitude that has anchored on the couch in our living room, to go beyond the four walls of our room, to practice a particular sport.

This exercise will bring us happiness that we do not appreciate in our lives, whether by the many worries and responsibilities that crowd our interior or for any other reason, overshadowing the way forward on many occasions.

The Movement is Happiness

The campaign promoted by Coca-Cola, part of the 4 commitments made ​​by the well-known firm in 2013 to account for our society on how relevant it is for our daily live a much healthier life, consists of a video and digital demonstrated to sensitize run through the Internet universe and social networks on these issues that concern us all.

The launch of this campaign will be held in major Internet carriers from seven European countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Britain, France and Romania. The World Health Organization itself has been determined that the failure to practice just exercise, even minimally throughout the week, can be a significant risk to our health, placing a sedentary lifestyle at the same level as High tension or snuff. Similarly, WHO does not hesitate to say that obesity has reached “epidemic proportions globally,” to the extent that at least 6 million people die 2 a year for overweight or obese.

Happiness, as it says the campaign Coca-Cola, is closely linked to the movement, as well as providing silhouette had always wanted and improve the functioning of our body physically, also move away from our minds all concerns they have accumulated throughout the day and that if we do not start from the beginning, can lead to a situation of constant stress. The latter, in turn, may be responsible not only for greater sadness and decay in our daily lives, but many different diseases that harm our physical and mental wellbeing.

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