Wrapped a great way to lose weight, detoxify and eliminate cellulite

Due to the accumulation of toxins the skin may have allergic reactions, it is recommended not to over tighten the plastic and not wearing it more than an hour.

For many decades been practiced different tricks and techniques that aim to improve the results when it comes to losing weight and shape up. slimming creams, surgical procedures, juices, gels, injections or fat burning massage, among others, are just a fraction of methods that aim to help eliminate those rolls of fat that prevent having the desired shape. Besides those already mentioned, there is a very popular method that can increase the ability to burn calories and fat involves wrapping the body with plastic to increase body temperature when exercising, and thereby improve outcomes.

Weight LoseThis practice is widely used in beauty salons and many women do at home to take advantage of all its benefits. To cover the areas with plastic body blood circulation, the function of the sweat glands and, last but not least increases, the ability to eliminate all these harmful toxins and substances that harm the body.

How to use plastic for this purpose may vary, as there are some tricks to further improve the results . This time we will share two very effective methods that promote weight loss, detoxification and cellulite reduction .

Wrap with honey

This method consists of preparing a homemade reducing cream to improve results when the body with plastic wrap.

You’ll need

  • ½ cup honey.
  • 1 egg yolk.
  • A few drops of an essential oil of citrus.

What should you do?

  • Pour the honey into a saucepan and heat in a water bath. When hot, add the remaining ingredients and stir until well incorporated.
  • With a paint brush, apply the mixture in areas like arms, thighs or belly , and then, wrap with plastic wrap or plastic wrap.
  • It covers the areas with a coat or mana hot and lie for an hour. After this time, remove the plastic and finally wash the remains of the mixture.

Wrap with clay

Wrap with clay is one of the most efficient ways to combat cellulite and remove fat methods. We recommend using clay blue, as it contains a large number of trace elements that have a positive effect on the skin.

You will need:

  • Blue clay.
  • Hot water.

What should you do?

  • Pour the hot water in a lower amount of blue clay and mix until creamy texture.
  • Applied in areas of unwanted body, wrapped in plastic, covered with clothes and leave on for an hour. For best results, you should do some physical exercises as time passes.
  • Put into practice this procedure at least twice a week to see results in no time. The result is a more slender shape and reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

Benefits of these methods

  • Wrap the body in plastic two or three times a week, especially when exercising, increase your ability to lose weight and can remove up to two pounds (one kilo) a week, as long as they support healthy eating.
  • The plastic film is very easy to acquire in the market and very economical.
  • It has the versatility to wrap different areas of the body.
  • The sheet increased sweating , indicating that more calories are burned.
  • Improves skin health, combat cellulite, and may even reduce stretch marks.

Tips & Warnings

It is very important to implement these methods considering some recommendations to avoid side effects. The skin may have allergic reactions or infections, because the plastic can not breathe at all and the accumulation of toxins can lead to this problem.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience is worth keeping in mind the following tips:

  • The plastic should not be set too close to the body to prevent allergies .
  • Only be used up to one hour.
  • At the end of the exercises must be removed immediately.
  • Before enjugarte or get you into the shower, wait a few minutes for the body temperature down gently.
  • The shower water must go from hot to lukewarm.
  • To end this treatment, your skin dry well and apply your moisturizer.

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